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35% of compensated weather claims are not justified by the weather conditions!

To deal with increasing climatic events, the insurtech Weather Claim Control developed an expert application which optimizes claims’ compensation.

Weather Claim Control‘s team of meteorological engineers, data scientists and IRD claims handlers have been working for over 10 years on weather sensitivity for insurance companies.

While ensuring excellent customer relationship, Weather Claim Control assists claims handlers in the contractual application of weather insurance and makes a significant contribution to improving its clients’ combined ratio.

Weather Claim Control analyses a complex meteorology to optimise and simplify the management of weather claims

Weather Claim Control ecosystem



Climate claims already analyzed



Weather Claim Control ROI *



Management time saved on weather related claims *


/ 10

Claims handlers' satisfaction score *

* Based on surveys conducted by insurance companies


A solution for claims handlers

The Weather Claim Control application is specifically designed for claims staff and General Agents. It fits seamlessly into the claims report process, especially by phone, without altering it.

Based on expert models that incorporate parameters relating to local climatology, geography and building standards, Weather Claim Control provides guidance for:

  • Storm claims (all wind types, even localized)
  • Electrical damage from lightning strikes
  • Water and property damage caused by cold waves
  • Flooding by runoff and heavy rainfall
  • Hail

Service As A Software
An application immediately available, without IT impacts

API Native
Our product is an API that can be easily connected to all systems (ERP, website ...)

Easy to set up, adapted to your specificities

Optimal ergonomics
A clear decision in a few seconds: just 3 information and 1 click are needed

Certification, monitoring and forecasting!

  • Using the analyses provided, the insurance company assumes the burden of proof. If there was indeed a climatic event, the claims handler can immediately decide to compensate his client, otherwise he can serenely justify a refusal. A certificate signed by a meteorologist is issued in real time to support the decision.

  • A supervision tool is natively integrated into the solution: thanks to these statistics, the claims departments’ managers are able to monitor how the application is used, to evaluate the breakdown of controlled guarantees, to analyze financial savings, etc.

  • An expert weather forecasting platform (5-day vision) and weather reports specifically designed for the insurance industry enable departments’ managers to organize the better use of their human resources.


What Weather Claim Control can do for your company

Get the weather insurance claims’ burden under control
Reduce the claims' burden
  • Fulfill your contractual obligations better thanks to technical information
  • Fight fraud
Speed up claims’ settlements
  • Increase first call resolution ratio
  • Protect the call response rate in case of a crisis
Improve operating results
  • Immediately and drastically reduce the claims ratio
  • Reduce claims department's costs
  • Control the pure premium
Reduce the use of survey
  • Avoid assigning adjusters for "prima facie non-case"
  • Focus resources on key issues
Assuming the burden of proof
  • Less administrative tasks for your policyholder
  • Avoid certificates of convenience or systematically unfavorable certificates
Limit complaints
  • Show your good faith by providing objective evidence
  • Use a Third Party as a reference: authorized experts
Support claims handlers
  • Bringing comfort to the processing of climatic claims
  • Promote commercial gestures, whenever they are granted
Reassure Reinsurers
  • Show Reinsurers that you control the claims costs
  • Avoid any audit dispute
Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Make an immediate settlement decision whenever the event is confirmed
  • Avoid asking customers for documentary evidence

Immediate operational and financial results

"With Weather Claim Control, pay everything you owe, but nothing else"

Windstorm insurance

Average percentage of claims that are not in line with terms of policy (wind gusts below defined thresholds) *

Electrical damage insurance

Average percentage of claims in which no lightning strikes were recorded*

Annual distribution pattern of claims: without control and with control
Without Control Left Image
With Control Right Image

* Risk Weather Tech / Weather Claim Control studies and analysis,
from historical claims analysis

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Managing Team

Guillaume Burel
Isabelle Simelière
Yann Amice
Meteorologist and oceanographer
Annie Dillard
Account Director
Gilles André
PhD in Geography - Cat Analyst
Blandine L'Hévéder
PhD in Climatology
Thomas Cornette
IT Director
Dominique Lebeau
Building and insurance expert
Jean-Pierre Daniel
Spain Manager
Mick Daman
Benelux Manager
Bastien Bouré
IT engineer

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